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Benelli M4 front sight retaining nut not tightening/ loosening.


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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue. I recently changed the sights on my M4 to night sights. I wanted the Benelli night sights, but unfortunately they’re near impossible to find. So I went with the Meprolite night sights. When I replaced them I got the old ones off just fine (front and back) without issue. I also purchased a new nut (from benelli) for the front post. When installing the front post, the nut went on easily and threaded just fine without resistance. So I tightened it on there  enough to where I can set the position for the entire sight. When getting it set to where I wanted, I began turning the nut to tighten it all the way and set it. When I began to turn it, the nut would not tighten or loosen from the position it is at. The nut turns and has no resistance while turning, but it just sits in the same spot and does not move up or down. Now Im stuck with a loose front sight post that I cant tighten or remove.  If anyone has any info or has had a similar experience please let me know! Anything helps. Thank you!

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You’re going to need to apply downward pressure on the nut while unscrewing it. So you’ll need a tool to slip between the nut and the top of the front sight tower. Dental picks may work. A modified two prong form, feeler gauges, or so on. 

Either the nut’s threads are damaged or it was the wrong size for that front sight post. If you can get it off, you can then try to use the oem nut to check the threads.

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