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Benelli M3 question, see pics


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Posted this on Calguns but didn't get a lot of response.  Just joined the Benelli forum.  Hopefully you guys have more feedback.

Wondering if those who have bought a new Benelli and fired a few rounds through it can take a look at this.

These pics are from a 1995 M3. It shows nearly no wear. Do you think it's new, never fired, less then 25 rounds, some other number?

Based on the scratches in the bolt, seems likes it's been racked about 25 times, but only fired a couple times.

The pin that holds the bolt in only shows a scuff on one side.






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If I had to sell it, what would be a fair price given the condition.  At 25 years, near perfect condition, has the HK marked Benelli M3 become a collectors item?  Sometimes when I pick up something so old and in such great shape, I feel a little guilty destroying it with mods or tossing it around in a 3 gun match.

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Ehh I've had a whole bunch of M3s in many configurations and the HK weren't that desirable to me and they suck to modify/do service on. Just because it has the HK mark, it will attract some collectors for certain.

I'd think $1000 or under for an older one is pretty fair when there isn't a panic. Most of the HK ones, I've paid between $700-$1300 for mine.

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Is this just the factory straight stocked "Field" version? If so, Vertigo is probably fairly straight-on. If it is a M3T (folder), then they are much more rare and I've seen them go for more than $2500 quite often before all this panic buying. The H&K version does allow you to "float the shell on the carrier". That said, with the 3" chamber instead of the 3.5" of the SBE, it is much more tricky to do; almost to the point of not worth bothering. I don't know if they are still offering the re-released M3's but they didn't seem near as popular as the early ones. Here's my pair of H&K M3T's.


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Well, here it is.  We are in a pandemic and this will be sold in California.  I have noticed on armslist that prices are lower in other states.  I am thinking $1300 plus at this very moment.  A guy offered $1250 today.  That's good, maybe someone else will want it a little more.  


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In California,  the issue is actually the collapsible stock plus a pistol grip.  So, I see the rifle stock as an advantage.  It's not banned and there is no 922r issue.  It might be the only Benelli that won't require any upgrades to have a 7 round mag tube.  

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