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What does everyone think about adding RMRs like a Trijicon with the Scalarworks mount?  What about adding it to the Benille m2 3 gun model?  I realize the set up allows you to quickly acquire a target with the rear sight (Xpress) 12-14 inches down the barrel with the HIVIZ Front Sight.  Would this help with longer shots?  Anyone add an RMR with an M2?  

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I own Benelli M4’s & M2’s, wearing Scalarworks mounts. Switchedem’ all from RMR’s over to newer SRO’s & never looked back! Personal choice of course, but some users claim the SRO “looks odd” and is not as indestructible/duty proven vs. the RMR..naaa..I have validated with lengthy runs, drops, & various abuse that the SRO is well built & plenty tough. The SRO has identical footprint as RMR, but SRO sits a tad taller (slight raise under frontside of optic) & a tad wider.  For practical application on a shotty, the SRO has a rounder & slightly larger FOV vs. the RMR, which for me expedites & enhances overall sight acquisition. Further practical application, with the SRO u can change the battery topside/don’t have to dismount unit like with RMR’s. Don’t listen to haters who offer that the SRO can’t survive an IED attack or that it was made for pistols. Contact Trijicon & inquire about SRO applications or on Trijicon’s web site validating the SRO for shotgun use all day long. I have the larger 5 MOA dot size, just works for my eyes on shotties..also available in 2.5 or 1 MOA dot. I put my RMR’s on pistols being more compact..go figure!

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