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Benelli M2


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I have just bought a brand new Comfortech Benelli M2 the first assembly of the gun was extremely difficult as the forearm and barrel was so tight it would not close tight to the receiver. I asked the gun store owner to see if he could get it. But it wasn't going in. We eventually got it to assemble tight and I fired 50 shells through it. It seems very tight to try to strip. I don't want to take it apart incase it won't go back together again. Has anyone else had this? Will this loosen up over time, once it beds in? This is not what I expected from a €1750 gun made by Benelli. I am in Ireland just for reference. 

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I don't have an M2, but I have just about every other Benelli Mx model. I know the receiver extension on the SBE requires the bolt to be fairly close to the right spot during assembly or it is hard to seat. I've not noticed that on my M1 really, but that is on thing to look at.

You might consider some dry spray lube where it looks like it is tight. In all honesty, I think guns built on the tighter side of the tolerances tend to shoot better. I know for sure this is true on ~10 of my 10mm 1911 handguns. Some were so tight they wouldn't function 100% reliably until I had a couple hundred rounds through them. But, they are incredible shooters.

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Meanwhile in January 2022...I have not used my M2 often, but after I cleaned and lubed it the first time (disassembly-reassemble) I had no problems, nor after shooting it, cleaning it, etc. Recently, I took it out and shot a box of birdshot with it. It worked flawlessly. So, to clean it again, I took off the fore end cap, took out the parts inside the magazine tube, pulled the bolt open and I got stuck. The fore grip refused to slide out. I followed the manual exactly. Gotten very frustrated. Any suggestions?

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