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Super Vinci vs Super Black Eagle 2 Classic


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The original SBE is what drew me to Benelli. It was to remove the need for multiple shotguns, one for each type of activity. While having several isn't bad in and of itself, I always took a little bit of shooting (and often misses) until I readjust to the different firearm. The 3.5" SBE (1) fit the bill. Since the both the SBEII and the Super Vinci are capable of that, it removes that variable. The modular aspect of the SV is interesting but I find the curve lines on the forearm don't feel right in my hands. They do look "sportier". I've seen that bolt setup before and it is slick. If I remember right, that is real similar to what my M3T's have.

Since you listed deer as something it will be used with, it would depend what your hunting locations' laws are. If you are required to, or prefer to hunt with slugs, then this may be the differentiating feature. Is there a slug option for the Super Vinci? I bought a SBEII barrel and modified forearm for my HK SBE and it shoots very well. So much so that it outshoots my eye's range. I ended up getting a 2x7x32 Leupold SLAM scope and put it on with QR mounts so either is an option. Regular slugs can work, but when comparing them to sabot slugs, there is no comparison in regards to accuracy.

This may truly be a situation where a trip to a Benelli dealer will be well worth the time and expense. Call around and find someone who has them both in stock. When I first read about the SBE, I made a ~5-6 hour round trip just to go see and hold one. $1k to us in 1994 was a big chunk of change so I had to be sure.

Also, sometimes the thought of one or the other product sounds good, but when you put them in your hands, a clear winner jumps out. I used to want a Pontiac GTO when they were re-released in the 2000's. They were one of the early LS cars and actually had some power for the time. I went to test drive one and was in and out of the seat in 20 seconds. Yeah, this isn't going to work... So, I stuck with my older cars instead.

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Super Vinci parts are stupid expensive to obtain if you can even. I've never seen a barrel sold separately. It is unlikely you will ever need to replace something, but hard to change the config.

Super Black Eagle 2 is really nice, and big plus is that the parts are both forwards and backwards compatible. I would only get the Super Vinci if it fits better. 

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