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M4 Entry - 11724 markings & owner experiences


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Years ago I had an 18" M4 which was sold to buy the 14" version, years later I finally have an entry 11724 model and the NFA paperwork sent in today. During inspection of the firearm which was purchased online I noticed a few things that I'd like to pass by those of you with more knowledge of Benelli M4's and particularly the LE models.

  • The firearm was boxed broken down (receiver and tube, bolt, 14" barrel).
    • I recalled my 18" being fully assembled when received
  • The box has an exiting label on it (previously 11727?) with a new "Model 11724" Benelli style label on top of it on the end
  • The receiver does not have any special "LE" style markings
  • The stickers in the box for the receiver and barrel serial numbers list the barrel as being 18"

Does all of the above seem typical? There's a piece of me wondering if someone (other than Benelli) just swapped the barrel on an otherwise standard 18" M4 model, added c-stock, and called it the factory M4 Entry 11724...


From the box:

TM3515**** (CNC SA m4 Super 90, 18.5")


I did not think to get the specific marking off the barrel before handing it back to go into the dealers safe for the next 8 months or so waiting on big brother to process some paperwork.



Thank you for any insight any of you may have, or be able to confirm if you currently or in the past owned this 11724 version of the entry!

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