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OEM H2O Parts at Freedom Fighter


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Todd from FFT sent out his weekly "Inventory Status" email this morning and there was a link to OEM H2O parts.  I assumed these were mostly external parts and Cerakoted.  I was wrong, there are a lot of internal bits-piece-parts for the trigger, trigger assembly, BFG, gas pistons, etc.  So, I sent Todd an inquiring email and this is his reply:

"I do not have a definitive answer across the board - however I believe them to be NP3.  All of them.  The dimension that would be added by Cerakote would render many of these parts unusable."
- Todd

His answer makes total sense to me.  Can anyone confirm that they are NP3?

So while expensive, there maybe some items listed that would spawn your interest.  https://freedomfightertactical.com/collections/benelli-m4-oem-h20?page=1


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Here is another follow-up email from Todd at FFT:


As a follow-up to our email this morning - about an hour ago I received an email from my rep at Benelli about all the H20 stuff I have ordered - a ton of it - and seems much of it was considered discontinued some time ago and my orders are large enough that I'm getting the last of it.   There are a number of things on the site that will either never be back in stock, or will remain in stock until the inventory is depleted, and then gone forever, at least directly from Benelli.

Same with the desert camo replacement gear - I've been snapping that up and it seems it too is coming to an end.

What this means to me as far as the H20 stuff is that it is indeed all NP3.  If any of it were Cerakote, it wouldn't be discontinued.

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,



I could see maybe getting various components to rebuild the trigger pack, for example, but it' pretty cost prohibitive.  Also,one needs think about replacing USA parts used for 922r compliance back to OEM parts.

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