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New Benelli Montefeltro owner


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Hi Everyone!

Just ordered a Benelli Monte 12ga 26".  With the supply issues now, I had to go with an out of state purchase so now I'm waiting for shipping to local FFL before I can actually get my hands on it, but pretty excited here.  This will be my first semi-auto shotgun, will join a Remington 870 and an old Sears model 200 pump.  I've mostly been a rifle shooter/hunter but wanted to get into some upland game, small game, and possibly clay target sports.  Wanted a Benelli for 15+ years and finally was able to do it. 

I know the Monte gives up some bells & whistles to the more expensive guns, but I wanted the traditional walnut & blue, and an Ethos would cost about double (I'm going to be under $1k out the door).  I've never been very sensitive to recoil so I'm expecting I'll get along great.  

All that said, I'm pretty new to shotgun sports, so mostly have a lot to learn.  Any tips, tricks, or simple modifications that people like to do with the Montefeltro?  I think I'll want to add a sling, and see Benelli offers a mag-cap with the swivel, I assume the stock just has to be drilled for a rear point?

I'm planning to pick up this case, since the Benelli case is no longer included.  Any experience, or other suggestions in the <$100 range?




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I have just got my Monte last month. I hv got the hard case from Benelli but finds that the soft case is more useful when going around to the range or even when going hunting. its troublesome with the hard case as you have to dismantle and reinstall the barrel and the receiver everytime you use te hard case. even when storing the gun for a long time, not advisable to keep in the hard case. 

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Congrats on your Monte. I think you will love it. I bought an HK SBE back in ~1994 and for many years it was the ONLY 12 gauge I used. I sold off all my others after I got it. Then, I bought an old HK import 20 gauge back about a decade ago, mostly for my wife to shoot. It has been flawless and for whatever reason, it seems to be a natural pointer. People that haven't shot much can still do well shooting clay pigeons.

I live in OK, so not as high of humidity as some face, but it is still a concern. I keep mine in silicone gun socks in the safe with a goldenrod type device. I also agree with the others in that the factory take-down type case isn't the most convenient. I guess it depends how you use it. When I am at the range, I leave my guns in the cases until ready to shoot. When hunting, it isn't uncommon to get in the vehicle and go mile(s) down the road to a different field/area. This is a problem to be constantly taking the gun down.

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Thanks for the comments.  I did get the Plano case linked above, it's just big enough to fit both the Monte, and a "backup" pump action.  I've always preferred hard cases for travel, and like that this one is water tight, and was reasonably priced, as well as space efficient.  I agree setup/breakdown frequently isn't ideal in some cases, but I do have a few soft cases that will work fine in those instances.  

Did get out and do some shooting, it took all the ammo I fed it without any hiccups, and broke plenty of clays first time out (basically my first time so there was some learning curve) very happy so far!



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