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New to the Benelli Family! And a Question


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Hello yall! 

I just recently purchased a M4 H2O and I made my dream shotgun come true. I've always wanted it and since ammo is hard to find right now I decided to pull the trigger on an M4.

It came with the standard stock and I found a OEM Pistol grip stock for it. I also put a Halosun HS510c on it. So far this is my dream setup.

I do have a question though. I would like to get a top rail that extends to the side with another rail. Is there such a top rail out there? All I seem to be able to find is a shell carrier rail. I would like to put a flashlight on the side. If you guys can find what I am looking for thar would be great!



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Congrats on the find! I haven’t seen a rail top with a side rail. Impact Weapon Components makes a light mount that clamps to the barrel lug and is very sturdy. That’s the route I went. It also has a built in QD sling socket. You do need to remove the sling plate with snap ring pliers to install, though.

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Welcome brother. I'm a new owner too, took delivery of my model 11701 a week or 10 day ago. Black with a skeleton stock (not collapsible).

I had an offset flashlight holder for a picatiny that I put on it. It sets off to the left about an inch and it works just fine. I took a zip tie and put the remote switch on the front stock. I'm sure you can find quite a few vendors to suit your taste. If I center the light on the intruders right shoulder from 10 feet away, I'd put twenty-seven #4 buck pellets in the center of his chest. (I'm told to use #4 buck for home defense. It's probably more lethal but doesn't go through walls as easily as 00 buck does.)

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