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  1. Agree with IWC light mount being the best option. I have a Briley hand guard on one of my Benelli’s. It is really simple to remove and install (slide it over mag tube, then slide barrel through top of hand guard, attach barrel nut - no tools needed to install or remove). It is also tight and does not rotate. It really is a great design. The only things mounted on mine are a stage saver, QD sling mount, and offset light. The hand guard is wide and accessories don’t interfere with the ARGO system. It might be the best forend on the market for the M4. Problem is - it weighs almost 10 oz without accessories! It makes the gun very front heavy. I have a factory 7 rd steel mag, was thinking of trying Briley’s carbon fiber tube, but not sure if that will make much difference. My other Benelli (go to) has the IWC mount with Surefire 300c light. I also have 200 shells through that gun since mounting the IWC - no loosening at all with blue loctite. This really seems to be the way to go!
  2. If that were mine I’d say leave it. The “silver” end and black flashlight body match the mag tube 😎.
  3. That’s good to know!
  4. How come you say that? Just curious. I was thinking of buying an NP3 tube and putting it aside for when I can afford an H20.
  5. Love this more than the current titanium cerakotes!
  6. IKR - the second image clearly shows bronze brushes. I wonder if by metallic they mean ferric metals (like a steel brush). They also say not to use a sponge with iron inserts or steel wool. Just the way it all reads - I don’t think English is the author’s first language.
  7. Actually looks pretty good as a contrast piece with the black M4. Wish I had an extra $2k to buy a silver boi from Briley to put it on (they have two 5 round H20’s for sale).
  8. I really dig this setup as it’s KISS. What kind of stock are you using? Is it the Mesa with cheek riser? It seems that would work best with this.
  9. Impact Weapons Components - They make one that attaches to the barrel band in place of the sling loop. There is also a built in QD socket on it. I’ve got one on mine and love it! You can find them here IWC M4 light mount. There is also a QD socket adaptor that goes on the collapsible stock. It can be found on the same page. Freedom Fighter Tactical also sells IWC stuff, but be warned - you will be tempted to buy more stuff for your M4 if you go there 😉. Your wallet may cry afterwards.
  10. A little trick when installing the safety - just put the detent and the spring down the hole without the safety button - this way you don’t have to fight the spring or have an extra hand when you drive in the pin (the spring will be well below the pin). Then start to put the safety button into its hole. Use a small screwdriver to push up on the detent, then push the button the rest of the way through.
  11. Impact Weapons makes a light mount that clamps around the barrel lug. I like it, but wish I had bought one of these instead. It looks bomb proof!
  12. I am a new M4 owner myself and am looking into getting the scalarworks aimpoint mount (works for all Benelli shotguns). It looks like it puts the sights in the bottom 1/3. I have always liked that setup on ARs and never found the iron sights disruptive. I tried mounting the optic with factory low mount on the receiver rail and think it sits too high for a good cheek weld. Hope this helps.
  13. Did you have to remove any material from the forend for it to fit?
  14. That’d make a fine race gun!
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