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M4 Bead sight/Fiber optic


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I have an M4 waiting for me at my LGS. I'm most familiar with beads on shotguns and was wondering if it's possible to remove the ghost ring and install a fiber optic front post or bead. Can't find anything online. 

I haven't actually handled it yet so I may end up liking the ghost rings. Just curious if anyone has tried this.

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Curious what some of the most common/best optics are that have been used on the M4? I've been playing around with different ideas. Just as a funny idea I tossed a Vortex UH1-Gen 2 on the M4 because I had it laying around. It didn't look right. The optic sat too high on the rail so that I could only reliably see through it with my stock fully collapsed. I would like to find an optic that allows me to use the stock extended or in the middle position (I have long arms). 


I was looking at the Holosun 507C X2, or the Holosun 510C. Was also looking at the Vortex Razor Red Dot. Just playing with different ideas right now. Curious what your thought are for optics on the M4, and if you have done any posts about it before?

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I had a Vortex Venom sitting around and I put it on the M4.  Works quite well with the factory mount.

Easy to put on and off.  I like the ghost rings so I don't leave it on the gun.  

If I was going to leave one on, I would go with the RMR.  Just for peace of mind.

I use a lot of different red dots.  But stick with trijicon and aimpoint on ones that are not just for the range.

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