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What would you pay for a new M4 with 922r upgrades?


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If you are talking about a whole bunch of customization just for the sake of customizing, I wouldn't pay anything for that. 

Only because IMO, parts that many people so often replace don't really gain anything and are superfluous bling. But that is just my opinion.

It's quite easy to make an M4 922R compliant. The degree of easy depends on which parts you change out. A US made 7 round tube and follower is 2 parts and US made hand guards makes 3. Done. But I would go with OEM hand guards stippled by Tango Arms and use the A&S trigger housing for #3.  And as long as you have a cheap heat gun, this example of a conversion can be done in less than a hour.

If you have a collapsable stock model, you need to replace 4 parts to comply instead of the 3 that would be necessary in your example above.

If you want to go deeper and change the trigger housing and associated parts, that too can be easily done with a few basic gunsmithing tools, such as snap ring pliers, punches, and a plastic bench block.

Again, that conversion can be done in an hour or less. I do everything I can to do my own work rather than risk shipping an expensive firearm back and forth. 

So, 2 hours of gunsmithing + parts=?


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3 minutes ago, MrMilitaryPolice said:

922r is overrated

I don't know about overrated but, yeah, it's just another stupid law written by imbeciles who likely know zero about weapons, designed for nothing other than to punish law abiding gun owners into submission.

That said though, I would not want to be caught in that trap.

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21 minutes ago, Gmcrigger2007 said:

I think American gun manufactures were upset that their gun sales were losing to imported war surplus firearms coming into the US. So they had their lobbyists propose laws to try to beat out their competition. 

I seriously doubt that.

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