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Final update- new bolt has finally fixed my new M4 issue!


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Hey all- wanted to provide a quick/final update to my M4 saga!  If you have been following along here are the two prior threads, where I talked about my issues with my brand new M4, how eventually Benelli had me ship it back and after a several week turnaround it came back to me, but still had issues and was unsatisfactory, and after talking to CS again and eventually having it escalated to the shop manager, they had agreed to swap me a new bolt.
I shipped back my bad bolt, and I was expecting it to be another long turnaround again in that I would have to wait for them to get it, inspect it, and then ship out the replacement bolt.  I was happy to see that right after Benelli CS got confirmation that I had shipped the bad bolt, they went ahead and shipped out the replacement right away, so less delay, which was appreciated.  There ended up being a delay in shipping, but that was due to the current bad state of shipping companies infrastructure and not Benelli’s fault.  The bolt arrived today, and after oiling I installed it and gave it a test.  I am happy to report that all is finally good!!  As I suspected, the bolt was the issue, as i had tested my M1014 bolt in the M4 and it had functioned smoothly.  So happy to report that I am finally back in business with this brand new M4 after many weeks delay.  I still have the gouge under the ejector caused by the bad bolt, but it appears to be cosmetic only/not effecting function and so I will live with it.  
Prior to sending the bad bolt back, I took some pictures of it side by side with my good M1014 bolt.  Hard to take exact/detailed pictures, but you can see that the bolt head on the bad bolt is rotated slightly differently then the good bolt, rotated further counterclockwise, if that makes sense.  FYI the bad bolt is the one with the ground out ejector groove, where the tech ground/filed it down as the initial ‘fix’.  Some of the picture angles make it look worse then it was, and I wish i would have had some calipers or something to take some exact measurements, but as what happened, all it takes is a slight difference to throw everything off:










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