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Benelli M4 -- Mesa Tactical Truckee 15" Rail Review


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15 hours ago, CobraBG said:

That Unity Tactical Hot Button is pretty slick! I haven't seen it before.

The HotButton is pretty nice. I’m considering turning it around so the button is forward facing. Then my thumb won’t be reaching to meet the button but pulling back on it instead. So I might slide it rearward a MLOK or two. This may reduce the thumb jamming issue during live fire. 

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So my offset MLOK light mount came in today. As anticipated, the rail needed to be modified to permit the offset mount enough clearance to place the light in my desired location, which is around 1:30. This pulls the light in to the space between the magazine tube and the barrel. So I cut up the rail to remove the interfering part. Cutting up the rail is fine with me, since its a path finding review/test. The assembly/disassembly of this rail is absolutely terrible. I'd be ashamed to put my name on it if I had made it.

You want to like the equipment since it offers you a way to mount the light that eliminates a bunch of problems, but the install is absolute shit. Like seriously, the two plastic parts you have to hold into position to fit against the receiver are such a pain in the ass. If they were set on this kind of design, they would have been better off replacing the rear handguard hanger with one that sandwiches between the magazine tube and the receiver. Then you wouldn't have to fight with the two parts trying to fall out on you constantly. It would have been an all aluminum construction and made the lockup much better. Having to remove your MLOK devices to remove the rail is absolutely stupid.

Reversing the HotButton so you press the button rearward was a good choice. I feel like I have a lot more control over the momentary button than I have ever had in the past with Z68 tailcaps or any pressure pads. The way the body of the switch sits protects it pretty welll from accidental light discharges. The body acts as a hand stop that tells me where the button will be.

Given the pain in the ass the rail is with mounted mlok devices, I'm running it without rail covers for the time being. I might just throw some Magpul ones on since they're easier to remove.

Routing the wire thru the inside of the rail has been a good choice. Very little wire is exposed to hang up on gear. I took it for about a mile hike today in the woods with my plate carrier on, and I didn't have any issues with it hanging up. I may cut a notch in the rail to allow the wire to pass directly from the rubber boot into the interior. The rail cuts easy enough. It only took me about two minutes to trim the rail for the light mount.









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  • 8 months later...

Having the hardest time choosing between the Mesa Truckee & Briley 3-Gun M-lok handguards. Dont know if you tried the Briley one yet but your experience with the Mesa wich would you recommend? 

The main things I am looking for is the one that mounts the most secure & being able to field strip it without having too much trouble. 

Also having difficulty choosing between what length. I want to be able to mount a light & a sling QD mount as close to the end of the barrel/mag tube as possible. Not sure if I should get the longer versions of either handguard to be able to do that or if I should get the shorter one & just get one of those small rail mounts that goes onto the magazine tube for the flashlight & QD mount. Having a little switch on the handguard would be nice but its not top on the list of priorities. I dont think I would need to muck around with the switch a lot when using the shotgun. Seems easier enough to just turn it on/off at the tail cap. Not sure if the added benefits of the longer handguards outweigh the extra weight that they would add. 

Anyone that has used either the Mesa or Briley handguard a lot let me know your advise & opinions. Also how many of you hold the handguard where you need/want the extra space that the longer handguards offer?

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