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Changing M4 Stock - Instructions?


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Finally got my M4 (11707) Yesterday! It came with the mag extension and collapsable stock separate. The mag extension was no problem, but I can't find any instructions for removing the fixed stock w/pistol grip so I can put on the collapsable stock. The manual shows the diagram of parts. I can get the recoil pad off and the stock retaining nut, but that's as far as I got. Can't get the stock retaining piece or stock retaining spring off.


Can anyone give me some more details or refer me to some instructions to change out this stock? I thought that this gun was easy to break down down and swap stock without tools. If that's the case, I am not seeing it for the stock.



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hopefully you haven't gone too far,,,,whatever you took apart put back on and lets start over,,the stocks all spin on and off,,,you'll have to remove the trigger group for that to happen,,,read your manual carefully because it does say how too do it :cool:


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I had the very same problem. Benelli makes a superb shotgun and one heck of a sorry ****ed excuse for an Owners Manual


If you have not already done so it would be worthwhile to review, refer to and also save to disk the following USMC Technical Manual (TM 10698A-10/1):




Below is what Benelli USA Customer Service had sent me regarding how to remove the stock from the Benelli M4. As most of us have discovered, this information is not readily apparent when looking over the shotgun for the first time and also after reading over the Owners Manual.


Note - removing the fixed stock w/pistol grip is best done with the help of a strong friend as you will need to turn the stock while holding the rest of the gun in place. I would not recommend using a vice to do this as you may damage the weapon by exerting too much pressure to the loading port or other portions of its anatomy.


1. Push trigger group pin located over trigger group on the side of the gun from the right side through to the left. It will not come all the way out.


2. Pull trigger group out from the receiver, it does not have to come all the way out.


3. Grab Stock and spin in Counter Clockwise and remove.


4. Installation of the Collapsible stock is the reverse of removal.


To collapse stock.


Push button in and hold - turn stock butt to the left and push in. Turn to right and then slide off for removal.






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This was covered recently here.


While it's true that the manual shows how to remove the telescoping pistol grip, it would really help if they generalized the instructions to all stocks. I've seen at least 3-5 posts where folks have "gone for the nut", so to speak.

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I know this is an older post, but THANK YOU to all who have contributed to it as I just changed out my M4's pistol grip to the standard grip in less than one minute.  I looked at the Owner's Manual and thought the worst but I checked here with you Pro's and it's a done deal.  Saved me $50 from going to the local gunsmith for them to do as listed above.  Going to do the same to my M3 as soon as the ordered newly in-stock standard stock arrives.  BRAVO ZULU to all, MNY THX!


Stock Up & Stay Safe!

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Since Air resurrected this thread, and it was a question I had to research myself, I'll add a few youtube videos that I found incredibly helpful as a reference.

Disassembly / reassembly of the M4 collapsible and fixed shotgun stocks:

Quick 2 minute video showing how to swap from a fixed to collapsible stock:

Secondary, timestamped start cleaning video showing a clearer removal of the trigger group / fire control group to facilitate stock replacement:

I hope these help someone else struggling with or searching for this information! :)

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