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BenelliParts.net: 2022 Experiences Only Please


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I'm thinking of ordering the Benelli M4 / M1 M2 M3 922r trigger undiscouraged kit from BenelliParts.net and before I plunk the money down; I was wondering if any forum members have current first hand purchase experience with them in 2022. Reading previous forum topics, concerning BenelliParts.net; it looks like most complaints concerned pre-orders. The website shows in stock; so pre-order would not come in to play.The trigger kit, itself, is showing positive reviews on their website. I don't want to stir up any old issues; so please just current experience. I know FFT has a kit, but the cost difference is quite significant which may be due to FFT including springs. I don't want to change springs; I'm just interested in 922R compliance when I add a 2 round extension tube. 

BTW, can someone tell me what undiscouraged means in the description for this kit ?



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I do not have any experience buying pre-order items, but I’ve ordered plenty of in-stock parts this year for my Supernova and M1014. Each item I’ve ordered has been shipped quickly, no quality issues, and all items were as described. 

I know others on here have had some negative experiences, but all mine have been positive. 

Thanks, Garza

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I ordered the trigger group, didn't work out of the packaging. Hammer was too wide, and even though I squeezed it into position (the OEM plastic trigger group) it still wouldn't work and would need to be fitted/adjusted somehow. I just returned it. Return was easy, but owner seemed a tad grumpy I told him the trigger was not a direct working drop-in kit and was not the same dimensions as the factory trigger.

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