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Benelli m4 Quality Control


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How is the m4 production nowadays? I bought one during the pandemic and the QC was not good. I’m willing to take another chance and buy another one for backup if their quality control has gone back up. Let me know your thoughts. 

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Look at this forum. It has grown pretty heavily in the last few years vs. how it was for years.


Check out Google Trends. The Benelli M2 searches don't turn up much of a trend. It's been pretty flat. The M4 on the other hand right around the end of 2019 began getting a LOT more hits.


I say all of this to say that I think quality has been the same, we are just seeing more samples in the wild, and more people at home on the internet posting about it. The only thing "new" is that the stock extensions on SOME of the shotguns being put out are a hair crooked. That is new, but it is not entirely damning, as yeah, it's a thing that can happen. That it happened now, in isolation, doesn't mean a lot. Back in 2009 or so, I had an M4 with a FSB welded on so crooked I used nearly all my windage on the rear to zero it. Benelli replaced my barrel or front sight, I don't recall, probably barrel. I also notice some machine marks inside my upper receiver where the barrel tang goes on my new M4 Entry...weird? New sign of dull tooling? Well here is Kip Carrier's from the 2000's...





Everything I am seeing from Benelli is "within tolerance" and just an increase in prevalence, more or less.


This Blu Boi was posted in 2013 by Stranger Danger:


Again, I am seeing nothing really bad going on here, just more guns out in the wild.

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I've fired my new M4 a bunch of times the past few weeks, nothing wrong with it at all, except for perhaps a little sloppy detent pressure in the bolt, that holds the charging handle, other than that, it is great.

My old M4, also nothing wrong with it...

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