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H&K Grey Room


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Before you dive into this post, note that many assumptions are going to made here...

So I happened upon a discovery I don't think anybody has discussed before @StrangerDanger. M1014s inside H&K's famous Grey Room with bayonet lugs! So we know for a fact H&K used to import Benelli weapons, we also know that military M1014s have H&K markings on them.

We can see below, the unmistakable silhouette of the M1014 in different lengths and the first generation ghost ring sights & bayonet lug. The bridge sight is an indicator of very early import examples.



Youtube Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FJKoWgbU7E


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Pretty cool. Looks like the front barrel hanger is like 6 inches long to support the bayonet. It also uses a different magazine cap that interfaces with the ring mount of a standard bayonet.

I wish Kip from Carriercomp had went ahead with building his bayonet mount for the M4 which used a Sog blade rather than a traditional M9 bayonet. I don't think he ever released pictures of the assembly, but I could be wrong.



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I wonder if those are dust covers on the loading carrier. If you squint hard enough you'll see what appears to be hinges. Also another detail is two (maybe non-captive?) trigger pins on the SBE variant whereas the longer barrel is one like today. For reference, a regular SBE only has 1 trigger pin.

I hope we get more coverage of the Grey room and maybe some information on those XM1014 in the future.

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