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Cause of two shots with one trigger pull


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The Performance Center Super Sport was sent to Briley for Briley Parts as well as force coning work, back boring, trigger and action polishing.   Without seeing the gun my hunch is the disconnector and possibly the trigger shoe is now out of spec.  Please reach out if you would like additional insights on how to test the disconnector.



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You sure it isn’t your finger slapping the trigger a second time during recoil? On the Benelli, if the hammer isn’t being retained by the trigger or disconnector sear, the hammer will beat the bolt carrier’s movement. So you end up with the hammer forward against the bolt carrier. 

I’d take the trigger pack out and manipulate the hammer with the trigger pulled to see if the disconnector is engaging several times. See if the hammer is slipping past the sear and dropping. See as you release the trigger that the hammer disconnects from the disconnector and engages the trigger sear. You should be able to see this and hear this occurring. 

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