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Benelli M4 Entry SBS - Worth it?


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I've been on the hunt for the 14" Entry model on GB and saw one is up for auction.  For those of you who own the 14" SBS model of the M4, how do you like it?  Significant advantages over the 18" model?  I used to have an 18" model and sold it... I now regret it, of course.  Considering going the NFA route but wanted to hear how it performs compared to its full size brother.

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I run my M4 Entry with the Scalarworks Sync Aimpoint T2 optic package. That allows me to run the c-stock in the middle position so it saves me more than just the 4 inches from the shorter barrel. It “feels” significantly shorter than the standard M4 and like @rubicon20032003 said it balances really well so target transitions are much easier and faster. The lower capacity (6 rounds) isn’t a concern for my particular situation but you’ll have to decide if it is for you.

I paid “pandemic panic pricing” for mine and still don’t regret it at all. I have two 11715 M4’s, a LTT Beretta 1301 (huge mistake), a Remington 870 Express (Tactical) that I’ve relied on for 30+ years, and the M4 Entry is, by far, my favorite shotgun. It’s the last shotgun I would ever sell.

As an aside, and you might well know more than I do when it comes to Gunbroker, but I’m reluctant to trust auctions with stock photos. You could get a blue receiver M4 or worse ……

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I've been eyeballing some of the regular and entry models on GunBroker for a while now and starting to lean toward the entry model.  My question is, how hard would it be to take an entry model and convert it to full size?  Is it as simple as buying the 18" barrel and magazine extension?  I thought of buying the regular model and doing a Form 1 to convert it but the 14" barrels are unobtanium unless it comes with the gun.

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