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Spare parts kit


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Basics you need (Might need this tomorrow maybe):

https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/70107  x2 or more

These can tear when plugs are removed, and there is no round count predictor here.

Stuff that's good to have/nice to keep around (Stuff to buy and put in a box for when/if you need it):






Spring Refresh/Build/high round count considerations  (At 5K rounds, on a duty weapon, I would go through the springs and replace them. Could they last longer? You bet! But PM matters for optimal function. Things like the extractor would be inspected closely during the spring replacement. The Ejector spring is an exception due to it's absolute pain to service. 1 drop of oil on the ejector pin, and work the plunger. If no glaring deficiency is noted, you're done with that. Same for gas cap springs, sans the oil bit.):




(harbor Freight punches here...it will be bent/sacrificed.)



https://www.midwestgunworks.com/benelli-m4/hammer-spring.html  (OOS, it will come back before you need it likely...)















This isn't a bad kit and may be substituted for some of the above:




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I would add that at no juncture have I ever found any official PM interval for the springs on a Benelli M4 weapon system. However, springs are springs. What matters is heat, number of compression cycles, and the percent of compression (as relates to approach of plastic deformation. This requires some pretty beefy math, not just "looking at it", although kindof like a car, you can look at it and decide if it looks fast or slow, and probably make a decent deduction) for the spring. The Benelli M4 appears exceptionally well engineered so as to avoid over-stressing the springs in say, the manner that a Colt 6920 will stress the extractor spring. As such, you LIKELY could see roughly 20K rounds of serviceable life from your weapons springs without appreciable degradation of performance. However, 5K rounds is absolutely 100% sure to be within this window, and will do you a solid. It's also a good time to inspect for chipped edges (extractor), etc. and allow you to clean the weapon well. I prefer to use SLIP 2000 EWL. Any quality CLP that performs in accordance with current military specifications should suffice. The M4 is not a high heat system regarding the moving parts that are lubricated. Corrosion prevention and anti-wear additives are the main thing, here.

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Also keep in mind that if you are military/leo/veteran Midwest Gunworks will give you 5% off if you send them an email and make the request.  Can't recall if they requested anything more than a redacted DD214 at this point or a VA ID.  But I've bought a fair amount of parts from them over the years and every little bit helps. 

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