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magazine jamming shells...


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I had trouble with shells in the magazine

jamming. The follower ( the little cap ) was getting jammed . upon closer inspection, the

first couple of inches in the magazine looked

machined and not smooth. I later checked some new guns at a store and 1 out of 3 guns I inspected were done this way. This made the surface of the magazine slightly irregular and

then shooting Winchester X-tended range shells, the buffering material was spilling out into the magazine causing the jamming. I smoothed the surface using a drill and some metal sand

paper and also scotch brite to polish the surface. Also, put parafin wax on the end of the shells and havent had any problems since.


Tried to get help from Benelli cust service, but

they were clueless. I hate to say that

for 1200 $ , the gun should be without production problems and cust serv ought to be





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Let me get this straight.


Winchester fails to properly seal their Extended Range shells and this causes the magazine follower to jam.


You somehow equate this to a Benelli customer service problem and come on here to bash Benelli's customer service and quality control.


Well, the way I see it, you are a complete idiot.


The mag tube is finished in that manner on every Benelli firearm I have ever owned (12), and on every Benelli firearm I have ever handled or assembled (100's). Without specific knowledge, I presume the mag tube is finished in that manner on purpose as the slight texture tends to hold lubricant longer than a perfectly smooth finish.


Or perhaps a smooth finish on the mag tube is simply not required for the gun to function. As you stated yourself, but for the buffer leak, the mag tube would have worked fine.


Now this is just the way I see it and in no way do I imply that anyone else has to view it my way.


What did Winchester say when you called to complain about the poly-ball buffer leaking? This has been a problem with Winchester XR's for several years now and it is well known that you have to seal the crimps with wax or glue. My choice is Elmer's white waterproof glue. I am sealing four boxes as we speak as I too had the same problem with many mag tubes jamming up with buffer.


But unlike you, I did not post up and flame Benelli and Browning, I just bought a $.99 bottle of glue and fixed Winchester's defective shells. That's what adults tend to do when facing problem issues.


I eagerly await your undoubtedly brilliant reply...


mudhen - CA

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Calling people idiot demonstrates a lack of class.


I wish, however you had been on the customer service line when I called, you would have at least been more informative. ....instead I was told to disassemble the stock pad and clean the recoil



Indeed, when I checked out the new guns at BassPro, there was some that had a smooth finish and some that had a textured finish on the inside of the magazine tube.


I've owned two BENELLI shotguns, the first shot so low it was astounding, thats when the customer service insisted the only remedy was to put shims in the stock !!! (quite the wrong answer)


Winchester shells are to blame, however, I think the irregular surface inside the magazine made the gun more sensitive to the buffering. I also think

BENELLI customer service should have been more helpful.


maybe , when you turn 18 , you will develope some maturity

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Yep, that was poor advice on Benelli's part. Maybe the office gals don't know about Winchester's problems. I doubt they care. Most manufacturer's don't/can't take the time the be versed in every aspect of every product ever made.


The shims indeed factually correct many drop and cast issues.


Some shooters subscribe to the 'fit' theory with shims. Some who actually test their firearms subscribe to the 'POA/POI' theory. Perhaps your barrel was too far out of spec for the shims to correct the problem or maybe your hold is/was condusive to that particular POI.


As to the class part, I just consider the source of the original post when I offer my replies.


I wish I could turn 18 again, but that was over 20 years and 50,000 rounds through a dozen or so Benellis ago...


Good luck on your search for the perfect gun...


mudhen - CA

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Does the Elmer's cause any type of noticable fowling? I'm assuming you use very little, perhaps just enough to seal and that's it.


I experienced my first mag tube jam this weekend with the Win XRs. Luckily it was while unloading before getting in my truck after seeing and/or hearing only four hens the entire weekend (not mudhens thank god) :D

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None that I can see. The glue seems to stay on the crimp.


The glue dries pretty thin. Nitro does something like it, so I presume it's ok.


Some of my XR's lose so much buffer in the box that they really seem loose and pattern poorly, especially #5's.


I have also seen some clumps of melted buffer at the crimp end. Not so good I think...


mudhen - CA

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My brand new M1's came with the mag end cap as the mag follower. It always jams at the last 2 shells.


I have to say Benelli customer service was very helpful and sent me the replacement free of charge. But the rep did not know the difference between a mag follower vs mag end cap. I had to explain that I own 3 other M1's and the mag follower IS different than the end cap.


They also send me 20 gauge choke tube replacement with my 12 gauge follower.


The rep was also insisting that the M3 was gas operated...


However, they were very friendly, and curteous, wonderful to deal with.

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