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[Help] Is this normal wear? (receiver rails/chamber)


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I will include a handful of photos of my M4 (forward) receiver rails and chamber area, and I'd like to know if the wear you're seeing based on the images is normal, or if my gun will begin to wear more quickly.

I keep this thing very well lubricated, and I believe I only have about 80-90 shells through it, varying in power from birdshot, up to home defense 00 buck.









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8 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

All normal. Plating and paint hate 90 degree corners. So they're prone to wearing thru. Add a relatively loose fit of an action and an action being run with buffering media and carbon inside it and you'll start to see wear on those corners.

Thank you, man.

I try not to worry too greatly about things like this, but when you spend nearly $2,600 on a shotgun, you get a little paranoid over anything that seems off. 


I appreciate the reply. If anyone else agrees, or disagrees with this I'd love to know.

edit: I tried posting to reddit as well, and I'm getting yes and no for this overall question.

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