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I dropped by my gun store today, looking for a product that would clean out the plastic fodder from the bore of my Benelli.


One of the salesmen said that there was a fairly new product that is specifically made for that. He did not know the name of it however.


Anybody heard of such a product? :confused:

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My buddy uses some stuff by Shooters Choice (Shotgun Cleaner, or something like that tongue.gif ). IIRC, it's been around a while, but it's supposed to target shotgun specific fouling.


I use Breakfree CLP. It's always done the job for me, but I suspect you probably cycle a few more shells than I do.


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there is at product made by brownells that is called "frictionless oil wad cleaner" or something like that. It is specificly made to eat the plastic residue.

hmm.. I just checked and I could not find it. I have the catalog at home and will look and post it tomorow.

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I found the best was using the Hoppes stainless steel tornado brush. You don't need any solvent, bore shine, grit, oil grease, foam, gun scrubber or anything else on it. You use it dry, it won't hurt the chrome lining and it removes all fouling, plastic or lead from the bore leaving it nice and shiny. My 2 cents...cha ching!

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About thirty years ago I accumulated well over 100,000 rounds through my Winchester Mod. 12 trap gun. Yes, there were plastic wads back then. I never noticed any plastic buildup. I'd regularly run a brass bore brush through it with Hoppe's # 9.


The gun is still in use today and the bore is still bright.


For my 20 ga. Legacy, I use a Bore Snake with # 9. Only 500 rounds so far, skeet, trap and partridge. Steel has to be better, so what used to work should work better today.



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I don't get plastic in the barrel of my SBEII or my UltraLight.


But the cryo chokes of both guns get plastic buildup.


I use a bronze bore brush in an electric drill to clean the chokes.

I use nothing more than a bore snake to clean the barrels.


The chambers do build up a little crud around the forcing cone area. I do give that some hand action with one of those Hoppes Tornado brushes.

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