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Best load/choke in SBE2 for ducks/geese


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If you can afford almost $3.00 every time you pull the trigger I like #6 Hevi-Shot on decoying ducks 2s or 4s for pass-overs. For geese go with Tuckers recommendation.


As far as aftermarket tubes I would say put that money into more ammo. With one of the five factory tubes you should be able to come up with a deadly combination.

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Originally posted by craigb703:



SRM only has older style Benelli - I'm looking for my SBE II.


I do have the Sure Cycle guts in my old SBE and it works well.



You are incorrect.




'Benelli Crio Choke'


Just don't shoot large hard shot through a tight Terror - chokes can bulge.


mudhen - CA

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I patterned the Dead Coyote tubes and it shot everything tight, under 40 yds it would be devastating, I was killing crows out to 60 yds with no problem, was hammering them. I tried some Bismuth reloads around 1200 fps and the patterns were 100 % at 40 yds, I didn't get any pellets outside the 30" circle until I crossed the 50 yd mark with the SBE II. I tried it in 3 guns and only had 1 flyer outside 30" at 40 yds with the 935, the SBE II, and the M2 both stayed inside the circle. I am using a Hogdon reload in a 2 3/4" Remington hull, with 1 1/4 oz of #4's over longshot powder. I also tried them with the TM, they were tight but not as tight as the reload, and I suspect it was because of them being around 1300 fps and higher.

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Over the last 2 weekends I've killed 14 gesse with my SBE II and ,675 TERROR tube. I used Federal premium T shot 3.5" mags. Shots ranged from in your face to over 65 yards. I've never had issue shooting large steel thru my terror tube. I bet there's over 1000 rounds of BBB and T shot thru it. Just make sure you aim for the head on those close shots.


Also 1 thing that helped me immensley was I replace the front bead with a fiber optic one off of Tom Knapp's web site the difference is amazing.


Good hunting, Rifleman.

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