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New family member inbound


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I have no experience with the SOCOM but I do with the SA M1A NM and they are awesome. I sold mine a few years back in a too good to be true deal but it was.

I wish I would have kept it now. I miss it. As soon as I get a few more of the nellies I want that will be back on the top of the list.

By all means post some pics.

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I used to shoot HP matches with a built match gun. It was a lot of fun but it weighed a ton. Now I own a Scout, 18" w/the walnut stock. Use it in IPSC 3-Gun and it's a blast. I like the looks of the SOCOM but am partial to the wood stock. A friend of mine put a SOCOM in a walnut stock and I've been fighting the urge of buying one myself. Congrats on your new rifle, you'll love it!

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I had one and sold it.....


You may like the SOCOM 16. There were a few things that I didn't like.


1) In CA, I have to have a muzzle brake and not a flash suppressor. When I went to the range, I was absolutely killing people with the sound. The muzzle brake makes shooting incredibly loud. One guy complained to me and it was embarassing. Some ranges ban weapons with muzzle brakes because of their sound, so make sure your M1A will not be banned where you shoot. You might do well to shoot this away from other people and ALWAYS wear hearing protection.


2) You will be going with a forward mounted Aimpoint which will work fine (except for the tremendous heat that your Aimpoint will be put under--more on this later). I tried to mount optics above the receiver and had lots of problems getting a stable, aligned mount. The issue is that most aftermarket scope mounts are for the M14 which has a receiver that is made to Mil-Specs. The M1A is NOT made to Mil-Specs and I could not get anything to fit correctly (believe me, I had gunsmiths trying to help with this). Springfield has its own mount, but it is garbage. It was annoying to spend this much money and then not be able to use many of the aftermarket accessories available for M14s. Springfield should be making M1As to Mil-Specs considering the high price of these weapons.


3) The idea of a 7.62mm entry gun sounded cool to me. After thinking about it, it just doesn't make sense. The gun is too heavy for CQB (especially the one with the extended rail--ridiculously heavy). It has a HUGE muzzleflash so anyone using it in CQB would lose his night vision (the short barrel & muzzle brake combo is a curse in this regard). Overpenetration would be a BIG problem. It has too much recoil for CQB situations. It is too loud--you fire this thing in an enclosed space without hearing protection and you WILL damage your hearing.


4) Remember that the SOCOM has Ghostring battle sights. These are great for CQB, but terrible on the rifle range as the rear apeture and front sight post are way too big to shoot good groups (I pride myself on my marksmanship and had to hide my targets at the range).


5) If you use this in a 3 gun match.....with the big cartridge and shorter barrel, this weapon heats up REALLY FAST and you may find yourself touching hot, bare metal. Having used ARs a lot....I am surprised that the M14/M1A does not have a better heatshield/handguards.


6) It is overpriced. You think you would get a chrome lined barrel and a receiver made to mil specs for what you are spending....


7) This weapon is a solid performer, but uses M1 Garand technology that is now 70+ years old. I prefer to look forward, not back. I guess the flipside is that the technology is proven but.....


What I did like:


1) The weapon was reliable after I broke it in. Maybe 1 jam/misfeed every 200 rounds. Very good (but not excellent) reliability.


2) Springfield customer service is outstanding. Much better than Benelli (I am sorry to say).


3) The M1A Fully Loaded Promotion is great. If this promotion is still going.....buy all your accessories from Springfield as they come to you at HALF PRICE. Do NOT buy accessories anywhere else if you get this promo.


4) The muzzle brake significantly reduces recoil. This is nice, but I would prefer a flash suppressor for less flash and sound.


5) The weapon is a little hard to break down, but it is a very clean weapon. Much cleaner than ARs.


6) Tritum sights are very nice, but again they are too big!


You have to ask yourself what you want this for. It is not a rifle to shoot good groups at the range. It is an entry gun. If you want an entry gun, ask yourself if you want a 7.62mm entry gun. Many downsides to this.


If I had a chance to buy again....I would not buy this rifle. If you forced me to buy an M1A.....I would buy a stock M1A because it has a longer barrel, flash supressor and standard sights. If you really want a forward mounted Aimpoint.....put your own mount on your stock M1A or buy the Scout.


My 14 cents.


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I do not have a SOCOM, but I do have a SEI Crazyhorse, and I am quite fond of it.







stock up on surplus 7.62 - it is getting very rare, linked port is probably the best deal now.


it is heavy to cary while kickin doors (devilishly, what was I thinking heavy), but I can pop the locks off from 800 yards and let the wind blow it open.


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