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Best Magazine Extension


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I just bought a Benelli M2 Tactical. Two questions:


1) Can anyone tell me who makes the best aftermarket magazine extension? I want to extend my magazine to a 7 or 8 round capacity, but not if it compromises the reliability of the shotgun.


2) Obviously, Benelli would probably make the best extension, but my understanding is that ATF laws do not allow them to be imported. Is this correct?


Many thanks!

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Here's the one that I just ordered for my M2 Tactical: http://shootersconnection.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=123&products_id=608


I'll let you know how it works when I get it in. It looks to be a pretty good replica of the Benelli extension tube, down to the 2-part design (unlike the Tac Star and SRM).


I've used several of DMW's shotgun parts over the years and have found them all to be top notch.

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Shooter's Connection is great to deal with. I ordered the part around noonish on Tuesday and received it today, Thursday (along with some other stuff I ordered from them).


Great looking part, and it comes with a red anodized aluminum follower to replace the red plastic one.


The DMW extension tube is steel. It doesn't match the old tube, but it matches the finish on the barrel perfectly.


I'll be shooting it tomorrow, I'll let y'all know how she does.

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garrett, mine is right at 8.5" OAL


Did they maybe send you the 8+1 model instead of the 7+1 model?


These extensions get confusing. Depending on what company makes/sells it, the full length extension tube for my 18.5" M2 Tactical was called an 8-shot, a 4-shot, or a 7-shot. Some count the total capacity, some count the added capacity, and some count the capacity in the magazine only.

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I have a +8 extension for my 28" SBE II manufactured by Nordic Components, making the total capacity 11+1. I also purchased their barrel clamp, which is drilled and tapped to accept a sling swivel; and their large bolt handle, which seems to be the same weight as the factory handle so as not to affect cycling.


Nordic Components also manufactures the following for Benellis (and Remingtons):


1. tactical rail (for mounting on left and/or right side of the barrel clamp)

2. low drag metal follower

3. Tec Loader Extensions for loading up to 8 rounds into the shotgun at a time (other accessories needed with this)

4. Over sized Carrier/Bolt Release Button.


Let me know if you need help finding out where to purchase their stuff.




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