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SBE....What u think


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ok, heres the deal. I am 17 years old and looking to buy a shotgun. I have looked at every 12 ga. there is to look at and I have no clue what to buy. Would it be worth it for me to hold out until september and buy a SBE?? Lets remember Im 17 and only makin $600 a month. I have to pay for gas, car insurance, all that goods stufff. What do you all think I should do?? Let me know fella's. Thanks.



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Save your money, buy the SBE, and never look back! There is no reason to spend $400 on a lesser gun (or two) now to only buy a SBE later. And if you don't buy one you'll regret it forever, because you could have bought the last shotgun you would ever need to own.


It is, in my opinion, the most versatile and reliable gun on the market; 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/2", slugs, simplicity, accuracy, reliability...


I hunt everything from deer, to bear, to doves with mine. Some day when I'm rich and have nothing better to spend my money on I might buy some expensive European over/under for clays and birds, but until then my SBE kills everything with fur and feathers on this continent!

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I agree with the above post. If you absolutely have to have a gun to hold you by, just get a cheap used pump or something but definately save up for the SBE, you won't regret it.

I have owned a lot of 12 gauges over the years in all types of actions (pump, semi-auto, doubles, even single-shot and bolt) and currently the SBE is the only 12 gauge I have. I liked some of the others, but since the SBE can do it all, why own anything else?

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I own a SBE, it rocks. I would save up for the New SBE II. If you can't afford it, and have to buy cheap, check out the Stoeger Model 2000. My advice is this, open a seperate savings account, have the bank transfer small amounts directly every week from say your checking account or pay check. You won't miss the cash and before you know it you'll have that SBE II.

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