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Slug Gun


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If your a pump man i would go with rem's 870 it's a good no nonsense gun comes up good for most people i know. I like an auto mine is a browning gold in 20ga full rifled cantalever scope mount. I know you said 12 but i would put my 20 against any 12ga. Not cheap i have $1,000 into mine with the scope, ammo cost is higher for sabot slugs but worth it to me. Just my two cents :cool:

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If you are looking for a pump.. Like 420W said... I would too go with the Remington 870s... You can get a Combo with the 26 inch field barrel and a 20 inch deer barrel for around 350 dollars. I got one just before new years, actually the exat gun i mentioned in 12 Gauge. Great Gun for the money. If you are looking for a semi auto pure slug gun. I would recommend you taking a look at Benellis Slug Guns on there homepage. If you are looking for a Gun and Buying a Slug Barrel as an accessorie.. I would not go with the Benelli Semi Autos... Good Guns.. But I heard Barrels cost an arm and a leg. If that is your scenario I would get a Remington 1187 Magnum and Buy a slug barrel seperate...

Just My 2 Cents On the topic.

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Pick up a used gun at a show, one that fits comfortably and shoulders really nice. Spend time on the fit. 2 3/4" chamber is plenty.


Then, go and get a new rifled slug barrel for it with iron sights. Pick up 3-5 different sabot manufacturers products and spend some time on the range. Stick with the best grouping product.


Wipe it down and put it in the case till fall. Fire a couple slugs through it right before season and you're good to go.


Sell the extra shot barrel on e-bay to recoupe some expense.


All total, you should be out between $4-600.

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