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what happens if i use?


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the choke and the load controls the pattern. so a lighter load out of a 2 3/4 shell will have a lower veloicity than a 3 1/2" load. so natrualy a higher load out of the same choke will result in a tighter pattern at the same distance. the chamber plays little role in pattern size all of the rounds must go threw the forceing cone in the front of the chamber. bbl length also will determan veloicty therefor affecting pattern. what may happen is if you switch between loads mid way thew. if you shoot 100 2 3/4" shells than throw in a 3 1/2 the latter may not correctly come to battery because of fouling in the front of the chamber but evan then thats kind of off the wall and would only happen if you were shooting very dirty loads with very soft wads. i would get the 3 1/2 and not worry about it. cycling may be affected by very light loads you will have to experment with it. i would not use 3 1/2" shells for target shooting unless i loaded my own becuase of the cost and recoil. have fun and enjoy

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