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shoot unfired vintage Benelli???


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I've been thinking about this one for a couple of days. Not constantly, the way crazyhair ponders barrel lengths, but on and off anyway.


Two thoughts -


1. I know you love to play with those wonderful toys of yours, so in that respect I know how itchy you're getting to do it.


2. Since you have all those other wonderful toys, and since this one is "special" to say the least, I'm going to recommend leaving her a virgin.


Here's the logic -

When you fire this gun, you're going to realize that it goes boom and makes holes just like your others.

The big difference is going to be that as soon as you pull that trigger, you're going to realize that there's no going back. She's no longer a cherry.

There's going to be an instant feeling of regret.


Looking at it the other way around, you can hold on to her, as she is, for years and still fire her any time you want.


Tough call, but that's my .02.




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it is a Tough call ,,,I lightly lubed and carefully cycled some shells through it manually last night ,,to see and feel it loaded with live ammo,,,very tight and smooth,, and I began to have unthinkable range thoughts ,,,I'm a hard core Benelli man,, part of me says shrine for future generations and the other part says nail it,,,Peace to all my Benelli Brothers :cool: M1014

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