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red dot sight options for my M4


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I am trying to decide which red dot sight to get for my M4...I had the opportunity to look at and / or try a number of options this weekend including the C-More, Trijicon Reflex, Aimpoint, EOTech, ACOG ( smile.gif ), and tasco...here are some thoughts and pics...


Trijicon Reflex


I am happy to report that the Trijicon reflex is not as bad as I thought in terms of washout...they actually let me take the sight out into the parking lot where I was able to test it in varying light conditions from shade to almost direct sunlight and i was able to see the dot at all times. (and that was WITHOUT the Cyalume capsules). I also mounted the sight to a Benelli M4 (they had one in stock..along with some M1s...sigh) and it pointed quite well even though it was the model designed for flattop mount. The chevron is cool and does not obscure the target.


That having been said, there were some things that i did not like:

1) I was under the impression that the Cyalume sticks last for a long time...the fact that the scope comes with like 12 of them was a big tipoff that this is not the case...I also wonder how long they will be available (but again, my tests were done without them

2) The sight picture seemed purple

3) The front end seemed mirror like...may as well put a neon sign on my head


The EOTech...needs no introduction...I have mixed feelings about them...sometimes I find the circle-dot to be too big and obscure the target



Aimpoint...the dot was too small and seemed to bounce around too much for me




and finally, the ACOG...ok, i realize that this is not designed for a shotgun but man that scope is bad@ss!






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depends on the MOA you have chosen. The Acog is very good but when in CQB situation the red dot of the Aimpoint is excellent and fast. The Aimpoint lens can be partialy obstructed and you can see the red dot to the side and its not centered when this happens. But all you need to do is put the dot on target and you will still hit your target and thats how they are made.


A friend has many of is buds who are Delta and other special forces and yes Acogs are excellent but they cant say anything bad about the Aimpoint ML3 it takes a beating but still works great with that long 50,000 hrs of battery life.

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