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Why is the "Civilian" M4s90 out of stock everywhere?


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Why is the "Civilian" M4s90 out of stock everywhere? Did Benelli stop making it for civilians? It has been over a year perhaps over 2 years since I have seen one in stock online.


I see a few of the old limited run of M1014 but no "Civilian" M4.


What is going on?

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Well you and me seem to be in the same boat. Supposively the Military is getting all the m4s.


From my understanding, Benelli has already started shipping the m4 out, but mainly to those whose ordered them before Spring and beyond. And that we should start seeing the M4 in stores in November/December. I think they did this on purpose, so that everyone would buy them at Christmas. A few people have gotton them and are selling them for $1800+. Talk about inflation :eek: !


But every ffl I've talked to, they say the Italin's are very very lazy. So it takes them a while to get products out.


Hopefully this helps.


[ 10-22-2005, 11:51 PM: Message edited by: arvs ]

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Thanks for the feedback "arvs".


A fair price for the M4s90 is $1200. The $1200 price is on several online retail websites but right next to the price is "out of stock". I hope they'll be in stock by 2006. I have emailed benelli numerous times but they won't give a straight answer.

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Well I just heard that 1-4 m4s were shipped to each dealer this month. But most of them went to those who were on the waiting list. Can you believe there are still those who have been waiting since Oct. 2004 :eek: ? But most benelli dealers have atleast 1-9 on the waiting list for the m4. The gun store I always go to sold the one they got probably the first hour they hung it up on the wall. But benelli is known to only send out a limited amount of guns at a time, keep the price high. If I were to say if benelli keeps shipping out, that possibly you could get one MAYBE in December. But probably in 2006. I'm looking for one myself as well. Call around, you might just find one.

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Last I heard, they make less than a 1000 of each gun every so ofton (6-8 months to a year) to the country. And for some guns they make less than 300. Thats what I've heard and read. If I were you, I may look for another gun till the m4 gets readily available. It won't be readily available for some time due to all the pre-orders and others dying to get one. And this one online store I heard had almost 1000 orders for the m4 at one time. But benelli did say that all these orders will be filled by December. So either way, it will be 2006, not unless you want to spend an extra $400-$600 to get one. The M2 Tactical or the M3 S90 doesn't look to bad, but I'll wait.

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Listen Nbox,


Benelli has a factory at a mansion in Italy.


Getting an Benelli M4 is going to be pretty difficult. Not unless your bid for an old m1014 or pay about $1800.00 for one. Or you could possibly get the police model, but most of them have already been bought up. I also heard of people buying the previously used military m1014s from the government. But the bad thing about those are they have problems firing regular shotgun shells.


So you should either get on a reserve list and wait about 3-6 months or possibly a year. But it will probably be next year. Or get another gun like the Benelli m1, m2, or m3 tactical. Or llike that link, the m1014 limited editoin.


I faced the same position as alot of people have. Its up to you. Hopefully this helps.

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Well most online retailers don't except deposits, just a waiting list. Most gun stores that are benelli dealers will take a deposit for the M4. But just remember get an agreement, if they tell you 3 months make it to where if you don't get it in 3 months you get your money back. There are some dealers who will take your money and pretend you never deposited because you don't have an agreement.


The average price I've heard is around $1300-$1500. And they'll want like a $700-$1000 deposit.


THeRightGun.com has a few M4s in stock, but the price is $1795. I emailed them, but they haven't returned my email. So be careful when ordering online. I would recommend Cals armory or Impact guns. They seem the most retable. But I heard that at one time, Impact had about almost a 1000 orders on the M4 at one time :eek: . Benelli claims that they will have all the orders filled out by December, so you might get lucky.


For me, it looks like I may get a Benelli M2 Tactical. The local gun shop is seeing how long it will take to get one. They seem very optimistic that they can get one within a few weeks. I just hope to get one before Christmas.


[ 11-11-2005, 12:55 PM: Message edited by: arvs ]

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I just purchased one of the last, if not the last M4's from TheRightGun.com (smooth transaction BTW). I pretty much scoured the country, including private auctions before I located this weapon...


I figured that I paid about a $500 premium, but given the short supply and uncertainty around the timing of new shipments I don't feel to bad. I hope I will feel even better next Tuesday when the M4 is in my hands, and I'm feeding it lots of 3" loads at the range.

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Good job on your transaction. You beat it to me, but I was snoosing. I've knew they had some for the last 2-3 months. But I'm hestitant to order one online, because I've never done before. But my local gun shop told me what to do if I did want to order one. O well, guess it wasn't meant to be.


Please post pics of it when you get it. smile.gif


[ 11-11-2005, 07:52 PM: Message edited by: arvs ]

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As far as I know, they don't take deposits, its more of a pre-order notification list. Your in line, and when they get one and you get your turn, they will notify you. You better have a ffl to send it to or they will not put you on the list. But there are some people who have been on the list since Oct. 2004, but that was on the police model, the regular m4 seems to be getting filled at a very slow pace.


But if your really really desperate for an m4, theres one used on gunbroker.




Personnally, I'd rather have new one. I would ONLY consider this IF the seller excepted CREDIT CARDS, but its just if you really really want one.


[ 11-13-2005, 12:08 AM: Message edited by: arvs ]

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