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Best choice for new trap gun


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I am thinking of retiring my old Remington 1100 and purchasing a new 12 guage autoloading shotgun that I would use exclusively for trap and possibly skeet and sporting clays. Is there anything on the market superior to the Remington 1100 for this purpose? Is the Benelli inertial cycling system as reliable as the gas operated mechanisms on conventional shotguns?

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The SBE handles loadss down to 1 once if the gun is cleana nd cleaned properly when done shooting. I bought an SBE and have had no problems shooting round after after round of skeet trap and or sporting clays. in my opinion you couldnt buy a better gun.

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Benelli's inertia design is as reliable as any gas operated system in the same market just as long as you keep it clean like you have to with any other gun - even simple break action doubles need to be clean in order to cycle efficiently.


Consider fit to be your top priority!!


No matter what advice you take and from whom - don't sway from this at all!!


As far as stepping on the toes of the 1100.. my opinion is that there are a few that fill the bill quite well - don't take that the wrong way I own a few 1100's but they've been shelved for various reasons.


Benelli: Sport II, Legacy, & Montefeltro models are better suited for the range by design... all three offer totally different dimensions (fit and feel) out of the box.

Beretta: 391 Urika, Urika Gold Sporting, & Teknys offerings are excellent choices. I'd look at the 'competition' models of both too. Berettas would be my choice if was mine to make but, a few of the 'competition' models are a bit too heavy for my liking @ 9lbs.


There are obviously other choices out there but remember to make sure you keep your mind on how well the gun 'fits' you and how it feels. If you've got the resources available find a recomended shop that can aid you with fitting.


Hope this helps - Good Luck

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