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I was thinking the same thing since I bought my SBE1 this spring but soon found out new stock did not fit and does not look like a simular stock will be offered for old SBEs. So to reduce the recoil (preceived recoil) I added a mercury recoil reducer in the stock and a prefitted limbsaver butt pad. This significantly reduced precieved recoil, I believe simular to SBE2 that has no add ons. I say this after shooting a round of skeet with a friends SBE2. smile.gif

I purchased a SBE last year prior to Benelli coming out with the SBE II. I was wondering if it was possible to mount the new comfortech stock on the older SBE. And if so where can you purchase just the stock.

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the prefit SIMS limbsaver pad makes a world of difference on the SBE. it really takes bite out of felt recoil. i can shoot all day now and have not even a bruse to show. i highly recomend it!


i'm trying a ported choke tube (Haydel's/Rhino DPX) to try and tame the muzle jump a little bit. i'll let ya know how it works.

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I've been skeptical about how the gel will hold up say 10 years down the road. I don't see how it could not harden and lose effectiveness.

I sure hope I'm wrong though. While I am not bothered at all with recoil of shotguns I don't like the recoil of rifles (with scopes in front of my eyes). If the technology is sound and seems to last I might finally soften up my deer rifle instead of perpetually using my smaller rifles and carbines instead of my magnums...

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