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good job on the research pdw I like the idea of somthing that could be taken on or off the weapon depending on which state and local laws that apply If you made a one piece ring of steel with the lug on it a open U joint on top to go around the barrel and a special end cap on the magazine for the hole on the hilt to fit over and lock down maybe anyone know what mesa,s plan is?

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Hey Sarge, are you asking if somebody will go into production with a proven, battle-tested design for the M4 and sell a "parts kit" to the public, or simply whether there's somebody on this forum who is going/willing to fabricate what it takes to fix up their M4 with a plausible bayonet configuration and then take some pictures for the group?


These are two entirely different propositions, as our friends at Mesa realize.... ;)

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Hmm..I admit...that a Big Ol jagged edged Bayonet looks kind'a kewl ona M4 ....But...However...I usually do a lot a Run'n & move'n around with my M4...& my momma taught me to never run with sharp objects in my hands.. tongue.gif .& another is....If i have put myself in a situation where I gotta use a bayonet to fight my way out of it....I deserve to be shot ,asskicked...or otherwise...for having let myself be put in that position with not enough ammo to kill everything that compromises me or my own crew tactically......

.....If i ever get into that type a situation...(Call me a *****...) but screw it...I'm call 'n in a airStrike with cluster bombs..on my own position... tongue.gif :D tongue.gif


[ 08-11-2006, 01:23 PM: Message edited by: Nelli Girl ]

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