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locking cap moves over the reference mark


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The locking cap seems to settle in after 20-40 rounds, but you are doing the right thing by keeping the same torque on it.

I believe min is also at three clicks past the red marks now.


I don't think it's anything Benelli designed or intended to be that way. It's just a matter of the various parts settling in after some firing.

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You should not post Paula's e-mail address directly to these forums.

Spammers use bots to harvest such addresses from web sites and forums, and your post exposes hers to them.

Out of respect to her, you should edit the post and remove the address.


I'd like to see a picture of that spring nut when you get it. As mentioned above, mine does the same thing, and I may want to request one as well.


Thanks for sharing the information!

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I have noticed that my r-1 rifles fore arm stock gets quite lose after shooting it 20 or 30 rounds. The last time I went to the gun range I probably shot 30 times. the very last 3 shot group was within 1/2". When I picked my gun up off the bench the fore arm stock was lose... I am wondering if trying to over tighten the spring cap has an effect on the barrels performance.


I looked at the picture on Garren's post and it looks the same type cap as my rifle. Are you guys saying that their is an up-dated cap available that will eliminate this problem completely?


Thanx for you input

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I appreciate the diagram and 'O" ring info. I'll definitley give it a try. My rifle shot so good last time I went to the range that I'm afraid to mess with it to much.

I do have concerns about the shot group consistency with this nut loosening problem. I wonder if it affects the barrel? I sure would hate for the nut to work itself loose while hunting and falling off. I have even considered putting lok-tight on the threads.

Hope we all have our rifles tweaked and ready to hunt when the season opens cause it's right around the corner. All of you guys have helped me immensely and I appreciate your imput very much.

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The cap pictured is the right cap in Garren's post.


I have the older, "indexed barrel locking cap". I also have the same "loosening up/breaking in" issue. If you look at the 2004 vs 2005 catalog and/or previous website photo's vs current they differ only in the cap. It is a running design change for 2005.


When I purchased my rifle in June of this year at Cabela's I fully specified that I wanted the updated locking cap. (Even though Benelli didn't draw attention to the difference I knew there had to be a "good reason" for the change.) Unfortunately, they did not have a 20" barrel 300 Win Mag with the update. The "gun expert" at Cabela's told me it was an update only for the .308's & .30-06's since they had the updated cap and all arrived at the store at the same time. So, not knowing, I bought the older version.


It was after that I found this website. After reading a few posts on the "loosening issue" I contacted Benelli customer service via email. Here are the emails to and from Benelli:


To Benelli:


"...Will this affect the performance of the gun? Why was the change made from the indexed system to the torque lock?"


From Benelli:


"The original was the indexed nut, it is a running change to now to become the torque locking system. Reason being that it is easier to interchange barrels (especially different calibers) with torque locking system. The original version will not affect the performance of the gun.

Best Regards,

Customer Service"


Long story short, I do not have the new cap and yes it does seem to affect performance. You bet I'll be making a phone call to customer service to get the updated cap.


Thanks Garren for the info!



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How much should the cap be tightened? I took apart my R1 today to find the cap. I have found the cap and also found that it can be tightened to varying degrees. At what point should you stop tightening the cap? I don't see any reference marks and I have a spring, so I'm assuming (you know what that means) that I have the new version.


EDIT: I see in the instructions it says that the locking cap should be tighened so that the cap is fully agains the cylinder guide pin. Well, when I first took mine apart, mine was not fully against the cylinder guide pin. As a matter of fact it had quite a bit of tightening down to get there (That reads: It was pretty loose). Apparently the gunstore that put this together didn't read the manual or it worked itself loose. This might account for the accuracy problem as that seems to secure the barrel to the rest of the firearm. Hence the name "barrel locking cap". Then again I thought the spring was suppose to keep it tight regardless of whether or not the barrel cap was completely tightened down or not. Anyway, with that I'm eager to see if anything has changed the accuracy... as luck would have it the range is closed tomorrow. I'll update you all when I get a chance to fire it.


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