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M1014 +2 extension


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Originally posted by helmethair78:

I just got my mag extension, and it is just a tube. Is there a spring that goes with it, if so what is the part #? :confused:

First, you need to get a pair of pliers with the two prongs sticking out (not sure what they are called). Then you remove the end cap and slide the barrel off so you can maneuver around the mag tube without hassle. If you look into the top end of the mag tube, you will see the spring retainer cap with a split/gap in it and two holes. Being careful not to mess anything up and also being aware that it is under pressure from the mag spring, insert the plier prongs into the two holes and gently squeeze together...then as it is squeezed together, pull it out carefully (again remember that it is under pressure from the spring and will want to pop out). Once you have it out and the pressure is released, unscrew/spin the shiny black fake extension off and pull it off allowing the spring to move all the way through. Then replace it with your new/real extension tube (it spins on the same way). Make sure you keep the orange end thingy in there. Gently scrunch/compress the sping back in and when you get it close, re-squeeze the spring retainer cap and gently insert it back into the top of the new extension tube. The spring will be under a little less tension because the mag spring retainer cap is now REALLY at the end of the complete mag tube, and not at the end of the first section with a fake extension screwed on top of it.


Oh yeah, be sure that when you reinsert the mag spring retainer that it is flush with the end of the extension...don't want to chew it up when you screw the cap back on.


Hope this helps.


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Originally posted by helmethair78:

usctf thanks for the help.


smile.gif I was not clear on the spring. The pliers that you are talking about are snap ring pliers. :cool:

Snap ring...so that's what they are called. Cool, thanks! I think you need those to adjust the front sling attachment as well. Have a good one.
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That is what you need for the front sling attachment, but you could use a screw driver?? :confused:


Hi there


I've just added aBenelli extended mag tube to my M2. How do I tighten the sling plate/attachment?


Should I have done this before I tightened it all up?


Is there a way to remove the sling plate completely?


Thanks in advance. :)

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