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1st hatch of the year


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While passing a marsh down the road from my place this morning on the way to work I saw my first hatch of Mallards this spring. About 6-8 ducklings following suzie out from the cattails @ 7:15am. Made my day! Hopefully it will be the first of many in the next month to come. I've already seen a few vandalised nests but, hopefully the hens will try another crack at nesting yet. The Drake Mallards and Woodys are still 'Hot -n- bothered' by the hens yet in the area.


Anyone else seen anything?

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The malllard action is still hopping in the tip of the mit michigan. I was out Turkey hunting on Sunday and two drakes were dogging a hen. Put on a nice show and I practiced my follow through as they cruised on by. I have seen a lot of geese. Our water is up from last year,hope it holds. Speaking of vandalised nest, I would like every domestic cat owner to think seriously about the wildlife damage their pets cause in the Spring. Leave the cat in.


[ 05-04-2004, 10:37 PM: Message edited by: shell waster ]

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