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Waterfoul Hunting With Dogs


Which is the best dog to waterfoul hunt with?  

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  1. 1. Which is the best dog to waterfoul hunt with?

    • Chocolate Lab
    • Black Lab
    • Yellow Lab
    • Golden Retriever
    • Other

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Originally posted by maggietheduckdog07:

i agree, i own a chocolate lab. i heard that black labs (especially males) are very hyper. but i dont know, cuz my dog is sort of hyper, but shes young, and usually in the pen for long periods of time, until i take her out like every other day.

Your information on Blacks is incorrect. The hyper sliding from one end of the kennel dog, is the result of improper breeding.

IMO Backyard breeders need their nuts cut off, for what they have been/are doing to the breed.

These boneheads are not a reflection of the breed/color.

As you can tell. I HATE hyper dogs myself.

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since i own wiemaraners and am very active in rescue i will have to point out that most of the time hyper dogs are not only a result of bad back yard breeders (nut cutting is too good for them) but lack of excercise and attention. most people fail to acept a dog as a member of the family that needs and craves constant attention and love. the result is usualy a bored fat dog that tears up the house or worse. labs espesicaly young ones need at least an hour of RUNNING every day evan if you just play catch they must have excersize and love for there entire life. a dog is as much of a responsabilty as a mentaly challanged child.

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my dog is in top shape.(wish i could say the same for myself, but im young and healthy so i keep up) she is very active. i take her out and sprint across my yard for a while, and she keeps up. i can tell when shes tired of it cuz she runs right out in front of me causing me to trip and fall, and when im down then she has the time to jump on me and start licking my face. ( of course i get laughed at through the whole process if my dad or my brothers are outside watching me fall.) so you can say we both get a good amount of exercise every day.

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I've had Labs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Both can do the job. Chessies tend to be a little hardier when it comes to cold weather. I now have a Chessie and I love her. Chessies can be hard headed though. Well, Labs too. Whatever you decide, buy from a reputable breeder. See the parents, get OFA or PennHip certification on hips and elbows. Spend time at the breeder's local, watch the dogs, generally the pups will end up like the parents. My personal preference, Chessies 1, Labs of any color 1b, goldens 3, Nova Scotia Tolling dogs 4.

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i had a chessie, that ******* was mean, not to me but to other dogs and people, my lab is a better dog than that ever was, and my frind has a choclate lab, and he said that that was a very hard dog to train. harded than his other labs.....i guess the first choclate labs were distroyed, i dotn know how true that is, but that is what i was told.

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