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Duck Blind Construction Pics **UPDATED**


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Well me and the boys have started construction on what appears to be a new location for Embassy Suites in a field of Jap. Millett, and Soybeans. The plans call for Just shy of 600 Sq. Ft. Floor Joists start at 7 ft. with a 5 Ft. wrap around shooting porch. Lots of freebies, and so far just over $1000.00 invested. This baby is going to be big! We like to call it the HILTON!


I'll try and post more as we go.

Let me know what you think!





























Shout out to Matt May of Delta King Seed, and David Riggs aka "BDR" of Riggs Home Center for the lumber!


Delta King Seed


Riggs Lumber Homepage


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Come Late Oct. Early Nov. The entire field will be flooded. We are on the bottom end of a lake, and only 100yds from the river. When they open the Dam for Winter pool levels......LOOK OUT!


Its hard to believe from these pictures, but last year (highest flood level since we started duck hunting) the water got so high, it was knee deep INSIDE the old blind. Thats the main reason for the 7 foot floor height. We should have all the water we can handle.


We usually get mixed bags of Fowl. Mostly Woodies, and Mallards, some divers, and TONS of sky carp. Last year for some reason was a good year for Shovelers, and Bluebills. Go figure? Canvasbacks are pretty rare at this hole.

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Ever considered building a floating blind that slides up and down the poles as the water level varies?


We have goose blind on a design like that and it works out very well for us.

On a given day, the water level fluctuates 2'-3', depending on power demands.


Also, does this kind of flooded crop field setup get around the baiting laws OK in KY?


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We wanted a stationary floor, because we will park the boats/kayaks under the blind. Also we intend to build 2 doors for entry, and exit of the underblind. "get out quick, and get back in quick" However, if the water gets to record levels, like last year. We won't get a boat under the blind. So, as a precaution, we are going to build a secondary dock behind the blind, with an overhanging roof.



On the baiting side, the deal is. As long as you don't harvest the crop. You can hunt it. Also you can hunt a harvested field if it has been picked/thrashed 10 days prior to a hunt.


We don't intend to harvest anyway, we will be lucky to get 35% germination.

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Very impressive. Starting to wish more and more that I had some property along the river to be able to do this kind of thing.


Looking forward to the updated pictures. Just a heads up on a useful tool: http://www.photobucket.com - they allow you a free account and you can host your pictures there for free as well. Fairly easy to use to share out your pictures to others.

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100 lb. propane tank! 12v Lighting system. We've got everything from Robo to Mallard Machine. I'll tell you what the best decoy is. Well the best two.



We've found that robos arn't very good after about 8:00 when the ducks can vividly see the fake spinning wings. They flair. However, before first light comes. You can be in the decoy spread beside a Robo, and have ducks shlting on your head. After 1st light, we pull it out.



The feeding mallard. It vibrates, and is inflatable. Its awesome. Very good on calm days.


Swimmers are awesome on calm days for us too!


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Man your a lucky guy. I live in the desert and its difficult when trying to locate ducks. One year there is water and some good hunts and the next year it changes completely. Hunting areas are hard to come by with private land owners blocking access to the public rivers and people leasing the areas that landowners allowed us to hunt. smile.gif

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