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What do you hunt??..


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Do you hunt in ponds, creeks, big water or what??.. I hunt ponds and creeks most of the times with the occasional river and bigwater.... I like the idea of not having to much junk to keep up with when hunting ponds and creeks.... I do however hunt bigwater with my buddy's sometimes and usually kill more ducks but oh well just depends on what I feel like doing that weekend....-tim

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I hunt a state-owned marsh. It is a pretty good-sized piece of open water; I'd guess 80 acres with some cattails around the edge. We have a split season here (western NY) and this spot is usually frozen over by the late season. I would go out onto Lake Ontario but doing such a thing in my 10-foot jon boat is past my edge of sanity.

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Sometimes I hunt ducks on a local river. There also is pretty good Canada goose hunting in grass fields around the area.


Local ponds offer nice decoyed ducks mid to late season. Another option is Summer Lake which is a large public hunting area in the Southeastern part of Oregon. It is several thousand acres in size.


There is good hunting along some parts of the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington, although I don't have much experience there.

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For the novices who may be reading, flooding corn is not a typical agricultural process.

It's allowed, for some reason, in states where otherwise baiting is illegal.

The corn or other grain crops are flooded for no other reason than to congregate large numbers of waterfowl so that they can be easily taken by otherwise unskilled or lazy-*** rich "hunters".


Some would argue that the crops are harvested first, then the fields are flooded.

If my farm equipment left as much corn on the ground as these guys' stuff did, I'd take it back to John Deere for a refund.


PS: HGWT, nothing personal, but this is a sensitive subject for me and it hits a very raw nerve.


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