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camo on sbe 2?


camo on sbe 2?  

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  1. 1. camo on sbe 2?

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OK. Here's the deal.


1. Read Mudhen's response to the same question posed by you earlier today. I'm going out on a limb and assuming you'll somehow manage to stumble back into this discussion. Perhaps to check the results of your poll?


2. Your poll makes no sense and merely affirms assumptions I'd already made.


3. We should all write to our representatives and petition them to pass legislation making gun and computer ownership only available to those who have passed a simple skills and knowledge test.

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Originally posted by MattMaus2010:

whats the deal with the camo on these guns i been hearing about

is it better to get this gun in synthetic black? :confused:

It's not a problem. The camo issue falls into the same category as "My Benelli kicks too much", "My Benelli won't cycle 7/8 oz. loads" and "Benelli choke tubes aren't interchangeable". A few people have come here complaining that their $1200 SBE didn't come with a $1200 paint job. See mudhens reply in the other thread for an explanation of the "problems" with the camo.
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I'm 5'3, 108 - 110 lbs and the Benelli SBE II shoot great.


Recoil is the least I've found in any auto loader. (Even less then the original SBE.)


All I can say is I bought mine, love it and so do my friends. You will NOT be dissappointed if you buy one.


I would get it in BLACK. I know for a fact that "DEET" will eat your paint job, and some paint jobs are apparently sketchy (bad quality control?), and since sometimes when I hunt we use Bug Spray with "DEET" in it I don't want to ruin a camo job.


So I'd buy it in black.


And before you ask.....get it with a 26" inch barrel.


Go get yourself a Benelli SBE II and you won't be dissappointed.

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