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duck and geese calls


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This one works best :D




I don't call ducks at all.

I like Big River Long Honker goose calls for Canadas.


FYI - Some of the best calls DO NOT cost that much.

Some folks tend to think that the more they spend, the better the calls sound.

The reality is that the bulk of success comes from knowing when to call, which calls to use, and most importantly, knowing when to shut up and let them come in.

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Tucker hit the nail on the head about calling ducks.


The original wench is a great sounding call for the price. I also like the Echo line of calls. Their polycarb (timber) is an inexpensive call that has a pretty raspy tone. And if you so choose, it can reach out there too. Another Echo call I like is the wood/poly carb. It is somewhat softer and even more raspy. I like it a lot too. The second runs around $45, while the polycarb is about half that.


If you want an acrylic for a decent price, look at DOA Game Calls. I think their high end call runs for around $85. The double trouble is a medium to low call that really sounds great and is easy to blow.


Winglock makes a decent short reed goose call for around $35. At the higher end, Foiles Straight Meat Honker is a gem.


Just my $.02.


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