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Aftermarket Chokes


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yea I need help too. this sat and sunday was my youth hunt. I got 7 ducks for both days but I think I could of had more if i had a better choke. I lost my improve cylinder. so my only choice was to use cylinder. I was debating between primos dead zone and pattern master. I will be doing decoy shooting. like 20, 25 yards away. I will also be using 3 1/2 inch with #4 hevi shot. I will be shootng at mallards. Whats a good choke??? :confused: :confused:

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I read about patternmaster and they seem better because they have a groove at the end of the choke that cathes the wad so it doesnt ruin the patterns and also the choke has something that makes the pattern shorter and wider not skinneyer and longer. I read about primos chokes and they just say that "this is the choke for you." WHY? What makes primos a better choke? any help would be great. I also like the price on the primos choke better than patternmaster.

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The length of the shot string can actually be to your advantage.

Tom Knapp can explain it better than I can.

Listen to what he says at the end of this video clip.


A tightly bunched shot cluster must be delivered on target more accurately and leaves less room for error than does a strung-out load.


The Primos Pass choke tube (part of the Dead Zone set) does delay the cup similarly to the Patternmaster.


I simply got better results in the field with the Primos chokes.

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As Tucker already said Primos is the way to go.

You can buy the Primos tubes individually. Here is the primos link.




They are excellent tubes for the money.

You are better off to buy the set which is priced about the same as buying a single tube from all the other choke tube makers, but if you only want the Decoy or Pass tube you can buy them alone from Primos.

Briley tubes are very good also although I don't believe they make one that slows the wad however I could be wrong. I haven't checked them lately.

Alot of people seem to like the Terror tube from SRM also but they are a bit more pricey.

Heres that link.


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i like the briley chokes but which choke should i get. i will be hunting mallards over decoys with a 3 1/2 inch shell number 4 shot hevi shot. i want to use a improve cylinder choke. should i get the benelli mobile choke or the benelli crio sport, or the benelli crio plus. im just looking for a good improved cylinder choke that will get the job done for ducks coming within 15 to 25 yards. price will not be a object just something under 100. heres the link http://www.briley.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=2

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