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Tactical Light Rail


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its a vang breaching mag cap from hans vang. Dont do much breaching....But it serves as a good poker if they get to close. less cumbersome than a bayonet..... well made he is a geat guy that does really good work....

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Try this












Vang Comp Systems


The Leader in Tactical Shotgun Barrels

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Chino Valley, AZ 85225


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Stand Off Device

Shotgun Standoff Device (Breeching) Available for the following shotguns; Remington Model 870 14 and 18 1/2"barrel Mossberg Model 590-A1 18 1/4" barrel M4 Benelli as used by the USMC COMING SOON - Remington Model 870 10" barrel On some shotgun model the Standoff acts as a Magazine Tube Extension for 1, 2 or 3 add rounds


Mfg Part # Stand Off Device

Inventory In-Stock


Price: $125.00

Adjusted Price: $125.00








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Shotgun Standoff Device

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In the first picture you show what looks to be a 3 sided mount that you have labled "Brownings Tri mount" and there appears to be a laser mounted on the bottom picitiny rail. I have searched till im BLUE... I can't find a "browings tri mount" please clarify this for me....



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