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ComforTech Pad for Nova worth the expense?


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I put one on my nova and am very happy with it. You will not believe how hard your stock pad is when you feel it side by side the comfortech. I was lucky and got mine off ebay for $30, so it was absolutely worth it. Plus I mainly waterfowl hunt with my 12ga nova ( have a nova 20 for everything else). I've heard they are going for 70 to 80 bucks at a lot of shops, dont know why they are so high.


On one of my last hunts last year I switched guns with a buddy. Mine was a Camo 28 inch nova with recoil reducer, extended choke tube, and Comfortech pad. His was a stock black 26 inch with no recoil reducer. It was like night and day. Biggest difference beside the kick was getting off a second shot. My gun recoverd 10 times faster.


If you are doing any serious shooting I recomend all the mods I have done. I never take out the recoil reducer anymore, even if target shooting. Still want to polish the forcing cones then I'll be done.


The nova is a great pump gun out of the box, but with a little work it can be the best.

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smile.gif Ok I purchased the gel pad for my Nova. A member had one he just purchased for his super sport but was not going to use it. I purchased it for 60.00 and it was worth it becuase it fit even though its not advertised for the Nova.


I had searched and searched online but could not find one cheap. Its a nice gel pad and worth the money. I needed a shorter LOP and its nice and I will later agree when shooting those 3 1/2 loads.

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smile.gif Well the good thing about the Gel pad is it just goes on with no problem. Some pads need to be sanded or they advertise to have a gunsmith put it on. I just want a smaller LOP and put it right on without tools, gunsmithing or anything else and the Gel Pad is that.
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Yeah, they wanted $150 to put a Hi-Viz on my SBE, I went with the Limbsaver as it was prefit.


I like the Gel Pad system - works fine for me.


Slip-ons are silly IMHO, they trap water and gunk.


Can't see spending at least $150 to retrofit my SBE II with a platform, grind a pad, grind the right handed angle, coat with a slippery coating, etc, prolly cost $300 total.


No frickin' way when I've got a perfectly good system in place right now.


mudhen - CA

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I just purchased a SBE II and it came with the 14 3/8 LOP Gel Pad but I need the 14 LOP so I ordered it from Brownells. That SBE II is nice and smooth. My Beretta 390 is much heavier and difficult to take all athe way down to clean all those parts but the Benelli is so simple and worth the money.

;) :cool:


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