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Some new pics for ya Tucker


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Heres an all original 1965 A5 20 ga I got this yr at a gunshow of all places. It was an honest, unfired 100% A-5 w/a buck barrel and a vent rib IC as well in an Hartmann case. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I knew it spelled trouble for my wallet when I saw it. Now if I could just find that eusive 1961 sweet 16 and light 20 I'd be set for a while.




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I do most of my bird hunting with a 1962 Belgian-made Sweet 16 with a vent rib barrel. My Grandpa bought it new at a USMC PX as he was retiring out of the Corps. He used it for over 30 years and then gave it to me. Great shootin' gun with lots of memories behind it. I make sure I hunt with it at least once a year.

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