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I have attempted to contact Benelli via telephone many many times over the last month. At one point, during regular hours, I was on hold for 2 hours. I hung up. They have not responded to emails either.


I have been trying to get a few peices of informantion that none of my local FFL dealers seem to know, and none of them have been willing to concat Benelli for a few months now because of the lousy communication accesibility.


I also contacted SWATmag about their recent review on the M4 and how uninformative and short it was. It was possibly the least useful-to-the-consumer article I have ever read.


What I have been trying to figure out is...


1-Is the model 11707 going to be continued for civilian sales?


2-Is the collapsable skeletonstock going to be continued for civilian sales?


3-How many variations of the skeletonstock have been made and what are their part numbers? (I have gathered there has been the fixed skelestock, the 2 position collapsable skelestock, and the 3 position collapsable skeletock)


4-If Benelli is a big corporation with a military contract, why is there such a thick shroud of misinformation surrounding one of their weapons


I would appreciate any solid information that could help.




I do not care about the price anymore because I'm just overwhelmed and frustrated. At this point I'd give one of my testicles for a telestock because I'm just going to assume that they'll never be offered again until I'm told different.


:) and sorry in advance if this was a waste of your time...I've spent at least 20 hours on these forums reading old threads over the last month and am still lost.

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hey man,,swat mag has never been kind to the Benelli M4,,you should read there 7-02 issue,,man,,that article is terrible,,the writer must have eaten a ton of shrooms then wrote that article,,,funny thats the only mag I ever read a cross review about the Benelli M4,,,,M1014 back then,,,there where no other models to choose from,,so if you wanted one,,pay ,,,you found your own milling man for the recoil tube,,$63 bought you a mag extension,and this forum was in its infancy,,02-3-4,,that was the golden era for the M1014,,before the mass production M4s,,,,

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i was on hold for 20 mins today with Benelli, i had questions answered finally..here they go

1. Benelli will no longer be selling the 11707 version of the M4 to the public, military and police ONLY

2. The telescoping stocks are same as 11707, they will also no longer be sold to the public, military and police ONLY

3. I know a guy that runs an FFL out of his home and he has 3 THREE of the telescoping stocks in stock but hes also selling them for $375 PLUS SHIPPING..hes sold 15 in the last 3 weeks or so, thats alot of money for one but if you want to pay it, i might can get one for ya, just let me know..

so there you have it, straight from my talks with a benelli rep today..

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it is the all metal type and i actually got the rear on but then couldnt get the front to go down on the barrel w/o scratchin it all to h**l, so ive given up for now until i can think of another way...i actually beleive that it will fit and fit good if i could just get it w/o scratchin everything..your gun looks great with it on there and id like it on mine but i know yours is plastic, so i might have to go that route..

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If its true that Benelli will no longer be offering the 11707 to the general public then it appears to me the value of any M4's already out there just went sky high.er. Remember what the assault weapons ban did to prices?

Hmm. now where did I put all those extra stocks and extensions. LOL.

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R Cubed

Let me get this straight. You couldn't tell your Nova Tactical barrel was a fixed choke by looking at it? You may need a little more help than CS. The Nova Field guns all use tubes but the tacticals are fixed.

You may have gotten the wrong box from your dealer explaining where the tubes came from. Did your dealer explain anything to you?

Did you ask your dealer anything?

It should be a common practice by the dealer to make sure you fully understand its features and operation. At least thats how they do it where I come from.

Its amazing to me how many people will chime in on Benelli's horrible CS when the answers to many of these questions are staring them in the face. Why do you think it takes so long to get through sometimes?

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