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Choke question


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I'm debating on which type of aftermarket choke tube to purchase. I've got a SBE and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the Paternmaster, Comp-u-choke or Rhino chokes. In therory, the porting of the choke slows the wad from the rest of the shot string and I understand how that would help keep the patern tighter, longer. Anyone know how the shot string LENGTH was affected? Is it more uniform rather than the "front loading" the pictures depict in the catalog?--I've heard that the crio chokes may or may not perform like advertised, but wanted to get your opinon on them. I guess it's a horse apiece for either the Paternmaster vs the Comp becuase Paternmaster is twice the price, but half as many chokes as Comp so they seem to be even. Anyone be able to comment on performance? Thanks for the help.

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Just to clarify porting has nothing to do with slowing the wad.

The type of choke your talking about actually have small finger like ridges that slow the wad by stripping the wad fingers back causing early wad separation so your shot string lengthens.


I don't have much experience patterning different types of chokes but others here have a lot. Mudhen, probably being the most experienced I know of especially with Rhinos and perhaps maybe he'll post up for you. Have you used the search tool? There are many posts from the past on this subject.


Have you patterned any of yours? What type of hunting are you using it for?

I use Primos Dead Zone for waterfowl and Primos JellyHead for turkey and can't complain. They do the job fine for me no matter what type of tubes they are and are reasonably priced and used by many on this forum.

Here is the link. Click on your use.



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Sorry, I did do a search, but I was looking for someone who could give me feedback on the two chokes. I was under the impression that the braking system in these chokes helped to grab the wad a split second and help create a more uniform shot string. I now understand Paternmaster's use of the lugs. Would it be safe to say that the porting by other brands, if the lugs are not incorportated into the design, won't be of much benifit as it relates to a uniform shot string, and as far as you know is Paternmaster the only choke that has this feature, or are there others?


I'm a firm believer of the traditional chokes having a "front loaded" shot string. While I'll admit I haven't patterned my current chokes, I'd like to get other's feedback on chokes that improve upon the shot string and overall patterning. Thanks in advance for the help.

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I apologize for my error previously by saying the shot string lengthens. I was tired. I meant to say shortens. There are many other makers using this technology. Heres some links for you. Porting IMO is only to help keep muzzle jump down.




















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Tucker is correct again and I was going to mention that fact but failed to do so, and you have also not mentioned what you want your choke for.

Target shooters want longer shot strings to hit fast moving targets with more of a sweeping motion. A chipped bird counts as a hit in clay games but in hunting it usually counts as a cripple or a lost bird.

Depending on your intended use they may have advantages or disadvantages.

Any more insight as to your uses? You can spend a ton of $$ on different tubes but it comes down to your need and what your after, type of shells your using, etc.

You may take a Tom at 40+ but you'll never hit a hard left or right on the 16 yd line. Unless of course your really good...??

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I'm mainly looking at using them for clays, skeet and trap. I'm sure that the factory tubes will work well, I was just wondering if the extended tubes were a bit better in giving more consistant grouping. I know you can't have it all, but I wanted more consistancy with the same length of string. From what I've gathered, the Paternmaster or Rhino tubes gave a shorter string. Do you think that the extended tubes give consistancy and the same length of shot string?

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wikipedia has some good articles on how chokes work and a lotta the manufacturers really go into detail about their brand cause they want your $$$. I just purchased an Primos Jellyhead .660 and should be her in 5 to 7 days and plan on using winchester E/R's in it and i think benelli has a little video on their site about choke tubes which is good C/R material but ya gotta talk to whomever ya will be shooting with if ya will be shooting with someone the can give invaluable input and Briley Manufacturing, Rhino Cases and Primos will all gladly answer your questions with a group better knowledge than MOST, chokes are not that hard to figure out ya just need to google them and dig,dig for info!! Check out Shotgunworld.com they have some good info on some of their pages!! Good luck and fit your gun to your body then patterrn once ya get the choke and load ya going to use or thinking of using!! i am sur mudhen would be a great person to search his post on the subject he has considerable experience in the choke info process!! Later TB

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I use the Wad-Wizard as it does not loosen while huntig like the patternmaster. (However I have heard that PM has fixed that problem.) I have patterned the crio and of course the wad-wizard along with patternmaster. The PM is built on the same principle as the WW as they are both wad retarding tubes.

I have found that with my gun the ww and pm pattern about the same as the factory chokes but the pattern with the ww and the pm was more dense with less open spots on the pattern board. I use the ww for waterfowl every year with outstanding results. What I have noticed while hunting is that I seem to either miss clean or the birds drop dead (less cripples) which seems to prove the shorter shot string theory. It works for me but you must pattern your shotgun to actually see. Good luck on your decision!

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Fishinhunt 31

Many trap shooters at least around here use the Briley ext. tubes.

My dealer only sells Briley and they are also a trap club having registered shoots.

They make a fine choke tube. I use them in my trap guns. I like their Light Full tube.

Skeet chokes won't matter all that much as they are pretty much wide open and your at close range anyway. But ext. tubes are are easy to change without tools.

For SC's I use IC.

For hunting I like my Primos tubes.

If you are really concerned about patterns there is only one way to know. Pattern it.

Heres a few more links.







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I have a patternmaster extended range for my SBE2 and M2 that I use sometimes for late season ducks, when the get call and decoy shy and tend to fly a bit higher than usual. Other than that I use nothing buy the crio chokes that came with the guns. Not sure where all of the hype about them not performing, but the work great for me. There was no need for me to purchase an aftermarket choke except for longer shots *which I dont usually take, but this season was touch especially in January". As for skeet, Benelli does include a Skeet tube with the gun, which works great on the range...in my opinion.

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Thanks for all your help. I was invited along to a clays course three weeks ago, and being a bit compulsive, jumped head first into trying to find out all I could about it. Unfortunately, I also one of those that if there is a better mouse trap, I’ll start leaning towards it—but forums like this help me determine if it’s worth it. You folks have been a big help. Thanks again.

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